Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are a common part of all websites. Most websites use these cookies. These are basically small files that are used to improve the experience of users.

This page explains the gathered information, use, and reason for saving these cookies. Sometimes cookies can break or downgrade the functions of websites. So, our team is also sharing ways to avoid these cookies.

How We Use Cookies

All professional websites use cookies for various purposes. But in most of the conditions, there is no option for preventing the cooking without switching the features and functions of the site. If you are not willing to save cookies, then you can avoid or delete them.

Disabling Cookies

Make changes in Settings and avoid the cookies. Your browser can support you to disable cookies. People should know that when they remove cookies option then some fuctions of websites are also linked with these cookies. So, when u remove cookies then you automatically disable all these features of the particular websites. It is a suggestion for all the users to allow the cookies to get better experience of website.

We set the cookies.

We’ve included the ability to customise how this site functions so that you can have the best possible experience while using it. We must set cookies in order to remember your preferences and call this data each time you interact with a page according to your choices.