DMCA Notice

Last Updated: [Date] protects the property rights of others. It also accepts the same from its users. Our copyright agents help you if you are facing the copyright problems. If someone has copied your content then you don’t need to worry now. Just provide the following details to our agent. But remember one thing all the details should be according to Digital Millennium Copyright.

  1. Identification of the Copyrighted Work.

When you claim a work is copyrighted then firstly you have to write a description about it. Description must contain website URL. If copyright work is on other location then provide the exact location.

  1. Your Contact Information.

You must have to provide your name, contact number, contact address and active email address.

  1. Statement of Good Faith Belief:

You also have to write a good statement about yourself. In statement write you have a good faith belief that your work is original and you have not given rights to copy this work to copyrighted owner.

  1. Statement Under Penalty of Perjury

Made another statement in which you have to mention that you are the actual owner or you are authorized by copy owner to act as on the behalf of owner. This statement is under penalty of perjury.

  1. Electronic Signature

Provide your electronic signatures if you are acting on the behalf of owner.

  1. Counter-Notice by the User

If the content on Instapro is removed due to an error or a mistake then you have to file a counter notification.

The notification must include the following points

  • Your signature, either physical or electronic.
  • Describe the content that has been deleted or to which access has been restricted, together with the place where it was previously available, should be noted.
  • A declaration made by you under penalty of perjury stating that the removed content was due to an error
  • Your name, contact information, and a notification granting by the federal district court for the judicial district in which you are living.
  • If you are living out the United States then you acknowledge that you will accept service of process from the person who gave notification of the claimed infringement or an agent of that person.

Designated Copyright Agent

Send your counter-notices or DMCA notices to our copyright agent.

To be noted:  The users who repeat infringers may have their accounts terminated by Changes to DMCA Notice

Changes to DMCA Notice

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