How to change your Profile Pic on Instagram?

Users can give a powerful first impression and trust to their followers using a high-quality, permanent, and reflective profile image. Changing your profile picture on Instagram is very easy to use. users can click the edit profile button on their Instagram profile.


Your Instagram profile image is very important to other users to follow your account. Make sure your current picture is not preventing you from connecting with new people, even if you are using the app on your device.

Instagram app is an easily downloaded app for Android users and has more benefits than original Instagram. With Instagram, users can enjoy amazing features.

Points for an excellent profile picture

  • Use a high-quality image that is bright and focused.
  • Choose a picture that is suitable for your audience.
  • Make sure your profile picture is identified and represents you.
  • Keep your profile picture latest and change it regularly to keep things fresh.

How to change Profile Pic on Instagram?

Whether you use Instagram on an Android device or iPhone or change your profile image you are the same as you need to follow.

  • What do you need to do on your phone:
  • Open the Instagram app and click your profile icon.
  • Now click on the edit profile at the top of the screen.
  • Replace profile photos.
  • At this point, you can either take a photo -taking to take selfies or choose from the library. If you go with the latter, Instagram will take you to your phone’s library, where you have to choose a suitable picture.
  • Finally, click in the top right corner. Instagram will now start displaying your new photo.

Additional information

  • Factor In Your Brand Identity
  • Incorporate an Eye-catching Pop of Color
  • Crop the Perfect Size
  • In favor of good light
  • Use Contrast to Stand Out
  • Choose a clear high-resolution image
  • Use a headshot or brand logo


What is the ideal size Instagram profile photo?

The Instagram profile size is 180 x 180 pixels.


Can I change my Instagram profile picture from a PC?

Yes, you can replace your Instagram profile picture from a PC.


Finally, changing your Instagram profile picture is a faster and easiest way to update your online presence and show your identity.

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