How To Delete Multiple Photos, Posts On Instagram?

How To Delete Multiple Photos, Posts On Instagram? Instagram is one of the most restrictive apps compared to other social media platforms. Unfortunately, almost all the main functions that are important to users are limited.

How To Delete Multiple Photos, Posts On Instagram?

Access to your photos:

the first step to deleting multiple photos. Press your profile icon on the Instagram home page in the top right corner. Go to your profile page. Click on it, and you are taken to a page with all the images you have uploaded. Here you can select and delete multiple images.

Log in to Instagram:

First, you’re logged into Instagram. You’ll want to select the profile icon. Here, select the Photo Library icon. You can use a few different methods to select multiple photos at once. This will allow you to tap each photo you want to delete. And after selecting each one, a checkmark will appear next to them.

All the photos you want to delete are selected. Press Done in the upper right corner. And a new window will appear with options for what action you want Instagram to take on the selected photos.

Go profile page:

Sign in to your account. Press the profile icon in the lower right corner to go to your profile. See all the posts and stories you’ve ever posted or shared on Instagram. You can also select a specific post or story to delete multiple photos at once and delete individual photos from it.

Selecting photos to delete:

Before deleting multiple images:

  1. Select the ones you want to delete.
  2. Select multiple photos on Instagram, and start by opening your profile page.
  3. Tap Select in the upper right corner of your screen and select the photos.

Click on the photo icon:

Instagram allows you to post, and deleting photos from your account is an easy way to free up space. If you want to get rid of multiple photos at once, there’s an easy way to do it directly through the Instagram mobile app. Here’s what you need to know: Instagram app on your device, and click on Photos in the menu at the bottom of your screen.

Select the photos you want to delete:

It’s essential to consider the story you tell on your profile. Consider how each post fits into your brand’s larger narrative and whether you still accurately represent your mission. To bulk delete something on Instagram, open your profile page and click “Photos.” This will show all the photos you’ve posted in Sixty days. At this point, you can choose which photos you want to delete. If you have multiple photos that need to be removed, click and hold a photo until a menu appears at the bottom of the screen to Select Multiple.

All the essential files are selected for deletion. In both the iOS and Android versions, look for a button towards the bottom corner that says ‘Delete X items’. Click this button and confirm the deletion when prompted by Instagram.


They are easy to use and practical.

You can quickly erase everything in seconds.


Can you delete an image from a carousel post?

If you want to delete a single image from a carousel post, you must delete them and re-select them all from your gallery without adding and re-uploading the unwanted image.

Can you get back a deleted Instagram post?

Instagram doesn’t offer you an option like recycle bin. So deleting an Instagram post is almost impossible. Again, there’s another pro about this in archiving rather than deleting.


How To Delete Multiple Photos, Posts On Instagram? you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you how to delete multiple Instagram photos at once.

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