How to Get First 1000 Followers on Instagram?

Building an audience takes time and daily attention. You can do a few key things to reach your first 1,000 followers on Instagram. You’ll want to customize your profile, Create educational or funny Posts, use hashtags and influence engagement. Be persistent.

Use hashtags:

Hashtags can help you get looked at by other people. So use as many as possible across all posts. Find relevant hashtags for the industry, topic,  and business you’re posting.

Create educational or funny Posts:

Because you can add up to 8 to 10 photos to an Instagram post, carousels are a great way to tell your story or provide a small lesson on an educational topic. Creating stories versus carousels makes it easier for your followers to save and re-share your posts. Having information on your feed makes it easier to reshare and has a longer shelf life to share.

Create a bio account:

How to Get First 1000 Followers on Instagram? Many people create their accounts and need to fill out their bios on their accounts.

So ensure you fill in all the fields while setting up your account.

Add your name. It should be your brand so that you are easily identified.

Fill out your bio. It should tell people what you have to offer.

Use your logo as a profile picture.

Fill in your link, and there are a few strategies for this. Use what works for you.

Connect with friends:

  • Sign up for your new account. And check which of your family and friends are available and follow.
  • If you follow a friend, they are notified that you are following them.
  • Friends and family are your first followers.

Be persistent:

While social media algorithms control who views your content, the more consistent you are, the more likely your followers will see your posts. And non-followers will see them on the hashtags they follow. doPost consistently to your stories and reels feed. The more quality content you share, the more people will like and engage with

When you post regularly, you’re constantly on your followers.

Use videos and Instagram stories.

  • Live: 4 hours
  • Feed: 60-second videos
  • IGTV: up to 10 minutes
  • Reels: video clips for a total of 15 to 60 seconds
  • Story:15 seconds

Start a conversation:

In the start, your engagement may be low but keep asking, and people will start responding. And you will know what works best to engage them.

Finding your content is just the first step. Next, you want to communicate with your followers to give them more context about how your content will bring value to them.

Remove fake accounts following you:

If your followers are fake, it means they won’t engage with your content which will reduce yours. And expose you to new potential followers. Just hit  Remove  Fake accounts.

Use Reels:

The reach of Reels is insane compared to anything else on Instagram right now. Reel videos are 15 to 30 seconds of fun, educational, and inspirational entertainment. Students are finding that Rails is significantly impacting their overall reach.


I hope this post is amazing for every users.If you consistently create quality content, you will reach your first 1000k followers. Follow these steps and increase your followers on instagram accounts.

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