How to hide your online status on Insta Pro?

Instagram is a famous media and conversation application, that is used globally by many people. It offers many features. users can share photos and videos with friends and followers.

Instagram has numerous features like Facebook and WhatsApp, such as hiding your online status. This element is great for many people. On Instagram, you will see your profile picture and its name as well as Green Dot when the person is currently talking to the app.

Instagram is currently banned from showing your activity status to twenty-five people in your direct message list, even when it is not disabled. Nevertheless, you want to disable your activity status to avoid appearing by people with whom you often chat.

Why do people prefer hiding online on Insta Pro?

Hopefully, now you know how to turn off the active status. if you are wondering why people use this feature. We will discuss it one by one.

Do not want unwanted attention

Occasionally, people do not like messages or notifications from other people during their busy hours. they don’t want unwanted attention. At this time, they prefer to close their online status.


Some people do not like to share everything online and prefer to keep their online activity hidden from other users. Therefore, they stop their active status and prevent other users from tracking their online activity.

They want to avoid disturbances

Instagram can easily engage someone. That is why some people prefer to avoid disturbances by shutting down the status at work hours.

How to hide your online status on Insta Pro?

Hiding your active status will not affect your experience on Instagram. Users can still see the active status of other users while keeping themselves invisible. The way to turn off or hide your active status on Instagram in follow these steps:

  • In the latest version of the app, access Insta Pro settings.
  • Go to the messages and story answers in the settings.
  • Find the option to show the status of the activity.
  • Toggle Show Activity status to hide your active status.


Hiding your active status on Insta Pro allows you to maintain your privacy and control the presence of your online presence. By following the easy steps, you can easily hide your functional status and enjoy a more cautious experience on the platform.

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