How to reset Instagram account setting?

The app Instagram is currently experiencing its highest level of worldwide usage. The majority of people have an Instagram account. How to reset Instagram and remove all data from Instagram are two of the most commonly asked questions about the social media platform. There are also problems with clearing the Instagram app’s cache and deleting photos, according to users. This is a quick article about such questions and how to answer them in simple steps. To find out how to reset your Instagram account, continue reading to the end.

How to reset Instagram settings?

The Instagram algorithm may become stuck at times. The Explore page shows you the same things, or maybe content you aren’t interested in, rather than changing the content every day. You are not alone if you have gone through this unpleasant experience. Thankfully, you can change your Explore page to see fresh, interesting content. There are two techniques that users can apply.

The best way to teach the algorithm what you like and dislike is to use the first method, which can take some time. This is the procedure.

  • Press the magnifying glass icon to navigate to the “Explore” page.
  • If on your “Profile Photo,” which is situated in the lower-right corner, tap.
  • After selecting “Settings,” click the icon with three vertical lines.
  • After selecting “Security,” select “Clear search history.”

Following that, the Explore page’s content recommendations will be based on the kind of content you have viewed, according to the algorithm. By choosing “Clear all” in the upper-right corner, you can reset the algorithm and begin the process again.

  • If a post doesn’t pique your interest, tap on it.
  • In the upper-right corner of the post, click the three-dots icon.
  • Select “Not interested.”
  • If you keep doing this for all the posts that contain content you find objectionable, your explore page ought to eventually better represent your interests.

You can limit the types of content that appear on your Instagram Explorer page in another way. It won’t be as effective at retraining the algorithm, but it will help reset it.

How to Reset Instagram Account?

To learn the exact steps and helpful screenshots for a better understanding of how to reset your Instagram account, continue reading.

Note: The Settings options on smartphones differ between manufacturers because they don’t all have the same features. Therefore, make sure the settings on your device are correct before making any changes. The  users can use OnePlus Nord 5G to apply these actions.

Can I delete Instagram data?

No, you can’t erase all of your Instagram data at once. To get rid of all of your data at once, you can either delete your account or all of your posts individually.


Resetting your Instagram account can be done via Facebook or by sending an email to the email address you registered with the platform. If you use the Instagram app on an iOS device or an Android device, the procedure to reset your password is the same.

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