How to Use Phonto for Instagram?

Fonto is a free mobile app. No login or registration is required, and no graphic design knowledge. to create beautiful images with text on them. Apart from adding text to photos, Fonto allows you to create logos, design avatars, edit photos and more.

Instagram’s story editing tools are constantly evolving. But one fantastic feature that’s been there since the beginning is text. Just go to the story and upload a photo of the text. There are only so many fonts on Instagram, but you can quickly work with the options. Using photos to add versatility to your Instagram stories and posts isn’t annoying. You can follow this post to learn about Instagram photos.


Canva is a very popular editing and graphics tool. The primary platform is free, but you must pay a premium price for all the advanced features. Adding text to photos comes under the essential feature.

Text on image:

This application is named Text on Photo, which lets you add text to your photos. There are many types of fonts.

Phonto Features:

  • The photo application has some unique features.
  • More than two hundred fonts are available.
  • Context text
  • You can create a simple image to write text.
  • Objects like balloons, rectangles, stars, and hearts are available.
  • The text colour changes.
  • Line spacing feature
  • You can change the gradient of the text.
  • You can delete a specific part of the text.
  • The stroke colour of the text is modified.
  • The text you select is rotatable.
  • Text shadow is changeable.
  • The image theme can are changed.
  • You can change text kerning.
  • Finally, you can share photos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


How to use Phonto for Instagram?

How to Use Phonto for Instagram?

You are creating your simple shots to post on Instagram. Using an editing app like Phonto makes a photo of your finger look more stunning. Phonto is a popular editing app many Android and iOS device users use. You can add text to your Phonto with different fonts using this app. This application permits you to upload and use your fonts. Fonto is a smartphone application available on our web. It is available in 4 different languages. These are Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and English.

 How to download Phonto?

Phonto app, available on Android, has more than two hundred fonts. Nevertheless, if you want to install new fonts, it is possible by Clicking the download button. Open a browser, and download a font you want to add. And extract it if it’s a zip file, then open it in the Phonto app. After that, install it. Finally, installation is completed.


Can I download Phonto for free?

Users can download Phonto and even text on Photos from official sites for free using our website.

Can I use Phonto on a PC?

Text on Photos app on PC is easy to use and works on Windows and Mac.


How to Use Phonto for Instagram?

Phonto is a great app for adding stylish fonts to your photos. There are other free apps for both mobile and PC.

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