Insta Thunder APK Download Latest Version 2024

Insta Thunder APK was created to improve Instagram users’ experiences. It offers a direct method of downloading and saving media from the platform. Users may now share or save their favorite material with others more easily thanks to Instathuder. Third parties developed this app to provide users with additional capabilities not seen in the original Instagram. The greatest Insta Mod for Android smartphones is Inst Thunder APK. And that SamMods developed. By the way, there are no longer any worries.In terms of features and functionality, the Other Insta Mod has been replaced by the brand-new Insta Thunder. The most recent version, which is built on the Play Store Base, was just released by the developer.

Insta Thunder APK

App NameInsta Thunder APK
DeveloperSam Mod
Size60 MB
Android Requires5.0 or above
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Last updateOne Day Ago


Security and Privacy

Thunder Instagram places a high premium on protecting user data. Strict security precautions, such as secure download connections, are implemented by the program to protect user privacy. Users may download their favorite content with confidence knowing that their data is safe and secure thanks to these steps. Privacy matters with every app. There are certain fully private features in this version.

Get Media & Stories Here

The Most Important Feature is downloading. By clicking the download button and utilizing the additional option, you can save stories and save photographs and videos from feeds.

Conserve IGTV Videos

Videos from IGTV can be saved to the storage on your Android device.


(Insta Thunder) No ads at all Between the feed and the stories, there won’t be any adverts.

Images of the highest quality

You are able to share full resolution by using this function.

Simple to Exchange Ideas

Every social media platform seeks to improve communication for all users. Insta thunder is offering a user-friendly in-app messaging system to transform communication. Direct communication between users within the app is made easier by this feature. Users can communicate, share material, and create deep friendships without ever leaving the site with its modified version.

Browser within an app

You can choose to visit any link by opening a different browser.

Download & Search for Hashtags

Using Insta Thunder Sam modifications, find stuff that reflects your passions and interests. They enable users to work more and provide a useful hashtag search option. By just typing in a hashtag, users may get the app to show them information that matches their interests and download it.

Unfollowing the tracker

It is well known to many who unfollowed them. In that scenario, this choice makes sense. With this InstaPro, you can even view the list of unfollowers.

App lock

No longer require any other apps or tools. Simply use the pin code to instapro lock your InstaThunder.

Instructions for Installing

Step 1: Uninstall the InstaThunder playstore version if it is installed.

Step 2: Download the Insta Thunder apk.

Step 3: Don’t rush this installation; you might receive a warning about it. Simply select “Allow this source” or “Unknown sources” in the options.

Step 4: Install the Insta Thunder APK file on your Android smartphone by tapping on it once more.

Take Care When Setting Up the Insta Thunder APK

Take the following safety measures to guarantee a trouble-free and secure “Insta Thunder APK” installation.

  • Get from Reliable Sources
  • Turn on “Unknown Sources” Cautionarily
  • Examine APK files for viruses
  • Examine user comments
  • Verify Permissions
  • Update the Android OS, Steer clear of pirated content, and review developer details.
  • Be Wary of Pop-Up Advertisements
  • Delete Any Doubting Apps


Although Insta Thunder and the modified Instagram program are extremely similar, Insta Thunder offers more and better functionality. It’s also among the greatest options for individuals who enjoy utilizing Instagram mod apps. Mainly because it boasts an extensive variety of novel mod features that are exclusive to this mod Insta app.


What advantages does Instant Thunder offer?

An alternate version of the Instagram app called Insta Thunder APK has more features not present in the official Instagram app. Improved privacy settings, ad-free browsing, the option to download media straight from Instagram, and other features are among them.

Is using Instander safe?

You won’t be able to contact them for assistance if problems occur while using it. Viruses & Malware: Downloading a modified app that contains viruses or malware carries some danger, particularly if it doesn’t come from a reliable source.

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